About CMI Asia Trading

CMI Asia Trading is a fast growing trading and engineering company for China manufactured materials & products. We primarily involved in importing, distributing, assembling and providing total service support for a wide range of quality port machineries, industrial, marine, oil and gas as well as steel material products.

Since our establishment, CMI have established strategic partnerships and build up a strong network with China based manufacturers, aiming to serve as a distribution hub which connecting local industries to China Manufacturing Industry (CMI).

Through our years of presence in the industry, we are proud of our ability to offer enhanced value-added services, competitive pricing and reliable after-sales service support to our customers.

To focus operations and communications, products are grouped into three(3) divisions, namely, Port Machinery, Industrial and Steel. Each division is equipped with the expertise to meet and provide the needs of all our customers.

Our Businesses
CMI Port Machinery Division, specialized in sourcing & procuring all assemblies & parts used for port container crane, Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) crane, bulk handling crane, ore unloader, floating crane, luffing crane, portal crane, crawler crane, gantry crane, overhead crane, heavy duty conveyor, etc.
CMI Industrial Division, specialized in various kind of industrial equipment & machinery that use across industrial sectors, such as, manufacturing, steel fabrication, oil and gas, marine and mining industries.
CMI Steel Division, specialized in various kind of ferrous and non-ferrous material widely use in the market. We carry a broad range of products which include mild steel, high tensile steel, alloy steel, aluminium and copper products.
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